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Smart,concise, actionable media intelligence.

Relevant alerts, research and reports from news, social and political data.

Customised to your business

Integrated news, social and political intelligence
Alerts and reports defined by project, objectives and user responsibilities
Relevancy tracking ensures continuous improvements to data accuracy and automated email alerts
All functions designed to deliver actionable intelligence effectively and efficiently
Logical, process driven navigation with no superfluous "bells & whistles"
Interrogates multiple media sources, but only outputs relevant information
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Less is much more

Relevant media alerts you won't turn off
  • Relevant alerts
    Keeps you updated as stories unfold.
  • Real meaning
    Brings you news in context and doesn't bombard you with content.
  • Beyond metrics
    Delivers intelligence that goes beyond simple facts and figures.
  • Personalised Delivery
    Delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Powered by people

Our industry analysts add context and insight, through a process of tagging and commentary

We look deeper

By analysing coverage across news, social media and political reporting, we offer a broader view of why it matters

We get brighter over time

The longer we work together, the more illuminating we'll get. Our system and analysts learn your preferences and get increasingly better at pinpointing precisely what you need to know
  • Increased efficiency
    The Outcider system and process continues to reduce your labour requirements and management team overheads.
  • Better understanding
    We work collaboratively with clients to share key learnings and improve analysis and commentary.
  • Faster reactions
    By reducing the time required to search for meaningful information, we increase the time available to analyse, interpret and act.
  • More clarity
    Search terms, tags, dashboards and reports are continually refined to reflect your terminology and internal practices.

Our ideas begin with your brief

Because we're not just another self-service media search engine, we can build a system that deliver alerts and reports to your requirements.That process starts with us listening.
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We can't start until we've seen the end. Tell us where you are now with 'media monitoring' and where you would like to be. Then we can listen objectively and aim to tell you something you don't know.