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Alan Johnston
June 16, 2014


Alan has a background in research, mainly within the medical industry where he’s had research papers published.  His key strength however is his ability to engage with everyone from the CEO of Blue Chip Multi Nationals to the service staff in any building he might find himself in.  Despite being past retirement age he continues to work five days a week and refuses to take holidays.

Worked on

Medical research, free-lance photo-journalism, B2B Call centres and On-line market research.

Worked with

Christie & Holt Radium Institute; Royal Post Grad. School Hammersmith; LBM & Airbroker.

Interested in

Photography; Wildlife; Rugby; Aviation and eating Spanish food.

Most likely to say

I said I’d call him again next week / I know someone who’s done that.

Least likely to say

I’m having a really lovely day and everything is right with the world.