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Greg Wilson
June 26, 2014


Greg is a media relations specialist with over 16 years’ experience using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of clients.

Worked on

Developing strategic, commercially focused PR plans and driving them forwards to achieve exceptional coverage for clients. Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies and the PR aspect of a potential crisis.  Liaising with a huge variety of media, individuals and organisations.  Collating and analysing social and media coverage.  Monitoring publicity and conducting research to find out the concerns and expectations of clients’ stakeholders.

Worked with

W.L. Gore & Associates, UK Power, Lancashire Tourist Board, Stagecoach Bus, Business Doctors, EuroSite Power, Best Western and AppLabs.

Interested in

Family, current affairs, film, writing and recording music.

Most likely to say

I don’t think there’s a story in that.

Least likely to say

No, I don’t want a drink thank you.