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Dawn Holmes
July 2, 2014


Dawn is still wondering what she wants to do when she grows up, but in the meantime is happy playing in the sandbox of research and analysis.  Never happier than when in front of a complicated excel spreadsheet, she has often been described as a super geek who can talk proper English.  As passion for photography makes her one of those unusual people who can do words, numbers and pictures.

Worked on

Gaining competitive advantage from information of any kind.  Squeezing data, research and intelligence until every last bit of insight has been gained and then working out how to make the world better for clients using that insight.

Worked with

HP, Schlumberger Technologies, Brother and a host of other tech businesses.  The Chartered Institute of Marketing and various B2B and B2C clients, including a jeweler, microbrewery, fashion stylist and blogger.  Also worked with several creative agencies.

Interested in

Finding the joy of crossovers, connections and coincidences, and exploring new ideas and places.

Most likely to say

I wonder what would happen if…

Least likely to say

We’ve run out of wine.