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Cobblers’ Shoes
July 25, 2014

Several years ago I attended a client Management Meeting and the debate was somewhat heated. The Managing Director intervened to remind everyone that ‘this is not a blame culture’, he just wanted to know ‘who’s fault it was!’ As an external consultant, I was the only one to openly laugh out loud. After a moment of deafening silence, the MD did manage to see the funny side, though it was probably no coincidence that work with that client reduced dramatically over the next few months!

Having just launched our new website several months later than it should have been, I too find myself looking for someone or something to blame. I can’t point to the developers, who have been fantastic throughout. I can’t really cite a lack of time due to the demands of building software and delivering to clients. I can’t even blame my young family for reducing an average night of sleep to around 4 hours. I guess that just leaves me and my Co-Director to share the humiliation of being two qualified marketers unable to do the marketing for our own business!

In our defence, this is perhaps not so unusual as it may seem. As a consultancy, we have the benefit of an outcide perspective, which combined with┬áthe media information we gather can make it easier for us to be insightful. At times, this may be little more than pointing out what to us seems obvious, even if it not always entirely accurate or what the client expects to hear. In much the same way that marketing knowledge and expertise doesn’t qualify us to do our own marketing without external help, our clients benefit from a collaborative approach to media monitoring. This is the key message our new website attempts to convey, namely that media intelligence is the outcome of intuitive technology combined with human understanding and creative thinking.

The point of this blog therefore is to thank all the clients, colleagues, family and friends who have helped us to understand exactly what we do, where it differs from our competitors and who it benefits most. Despite doing what we do daily, we simply couldn’t communicate this effectively without their invaluable opinion and feedback. I’m sure there will always be room for improvement, but we are reasonably pleased with the outcome.