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Nathan Newman
May 28, 2015
Nathan creates ideas and content with personality and purpose. Read more...
Media Intelligence – A Team Sport

Contrary to some opinions, Formula1™ motor racing is in fact very much a team sport. The two drivers are supported by literally hundreds of technicians, engineers, designers and other team personnel. Without all of those people it would be impossible for a driver to even start, let alone win a race.

Cobblers’ Shoes

Two Founding Directors with Masters Degrees in Marketing and the hardest task to date has been to build a website!

Stuart Westhead

Stuart understands how great content can help brands effectively engage with target markets.

Lynsey Thompson

Over recent years Lynsey has delivered more consultancy based work, planning and executing strategic marketing services on key client projects.

Chris King

A general practitioner in marketing and communications, with wide-ranging experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dislocated messages.

Dawn Holmes

Dawn is still wondering what she wants to do when she grows up, but in the meantime is happy playing in the sandbox of research and analysis.

Greg Wilson

Greg is a media relations specialist with over 16 years’ experience using all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of clients.

Alan Johnston

Alan has a background in research, mainly within the medical industry where he’s had research papers published.

Giles Wadsworth

Giles is a corporate communications specialist with over 35 years of experience, described by clients as ‘friendly, approachable and calm under pressure’.