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Crisis Management & Aversion


To monitor and report on existing or potential crises that might impact negatively on brand and enterprise reputation.


Regular dialect with client, including monthly face to face meeting, to understand the details of a real or perceived crisis.  Set up specific project based on agreed search criteria and report on initial findings.  Refine search to increase relevancy and continue to monitor and analyse ongoing media coverage.  Create crisis dashboard and agree report frequency with client, sending manual email alerts for first 30 days.  Switch on automated email alerts only when relevancy of coverage exceeds 90%.


Accurate reporting on an existing crisis as the story unfolds, feeding relevant information to the client based on a clear understanding of their objectives and primary concerns.

Close monitor on most influential individuals and groups, identifying opportunities for appropriate action or response.  Predict or confirm the likelihood of a potential crisis, the impact it might have on the business and solutions the client may wish to consider in advance.