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Outcider Limited
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To research and report on the key issues in terms of people, planet and profit that will impact on the future sustainability of the business.


Set up projects to monitor potential issues and scenarios as perceived by the client.  Gather information to ascertain thought leadership, developing consumer consensus and supporting evidence relevant to each scenario. Interpret how this information impacts on the likelihood of key issues and scenarios, reporting on influential opinion from individuals and groups. Identify trends and best practice not previously considered and combine with research findings to present evidence and develop foresight.


Client and agency collaborate to combine internal knowledge with external opinion, developing a balanced interpretation of what the present means to the business and what the future is most likely to bring.

Potential threats and opportunities affected by social, economic, environmental and political factors are tracked and quantified in terms of probability.  This allows the client time to plan and assign resource to the matters most likely to impact on the sustainability of a profitable and ethical business.